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In the summer of 2011

In the summer of 2011, Aguero joined the city from Atletico, with a transfer fee of up to 45 million euros. The first show against Swansea, he debut on the debut into the Blue Moon career debut, from the out of control. The first season 48 games 30 games, the season fell to 17 goals, but after 4 season has never been less than 28 goals, last season is into a career record 33 goals. This season recorded eight games of 7-ball efficient data, Aguero from Eric - Brooke to maintain the team history scoring record only 1 ball, and from the car accident came back in the fire with him in a battle with Burnley Tied to become Manchester City tied striker king.Walker right-sided breakthrough in the pass Will Pericak Jersey, the hot esche zone restricted area close to the face of Pope's volley was sealed out K.J. Wright Jersey. The first 93 minutes, the Beijing multi-security Miaosuo left rib gap, Sanei ball face wave Pei low shot far corner missed. Manchester City in the first 30 minutes to get a penalty, Burnley players think Bernardo - Silva dive caused the two players clash, from the slow motion playback, the Pepper did not touch but the knee to the top of the Portuguese Ankle Jarran Reed Jersey, penalty penalty No problem. In an interview with ESPN, Manchester United defense named Gary - Neville made it clear that the Red Devils has become the Premier League this season, one of the most powerful competitors, since the summer of 2009 Sir Alex Ferguson hang away Bradley McDougald Jersey, this is the first By being. Neville believes that the Premier League champions this season will be spent in Manchester, Mourinho, Guardiola will have one person to win the trophy.
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Manchester City's history striker

Manchester City's history striker, eye-catching are the 20th century, before the 1980s and even the 19th century players, Aguero is particularly rare and extraordinary, and the Premiership era after the number of goals after his sub-Asia - Toure DeAndre Elliott Jersey, Only into the 82 ball. In addition, KUN God or the team history of the best striker, recorded 30 goals, the second how many people also? Colin - Bell's teammate Francis - Lee, 10 ball only, Bell and Toure Tylor Harris Jersey, Silva are 8 balls, tied for the third, the gap is so big.The European Golden Boy Award was founded in 2003 by the Italian "Torino Sports newspaper", which was voted by important European media such as "French football", "team newspaper", "The Times", "Marca", "World Sports newspaper "," Bild "and other authoritative media are reviewed Nick Vannett Jersey, named the best young players of the year, the selection must be played in the European club under the age of 21 young players. There are also claims that the European Golden Boy Award as "under the age of 21 Golden Globe Award Will Pericak Jersey." Previously winning players include Rooney, Messi, Fabregas, Aguero, Pato, Balotelli, Gertz, Isko, Stirling and other players. The first year of the Golden Boy Award winner is the Portuguese international Renato - Sanchez.Mubape selected three candidates list is not surprising, in the past season, the star in Monaco has a very good play, played 44 times, into the 26 ball, to help the team into the Champions League semi-finals, also Got the champions. This summer, Mbapei joined Paris, the transaction is the first rent to buy, and his transfer fee will reach 180 million euros. After arriving in Paris, Mbabe also played well to help Paris in the top of France, the Champions League ranking first.
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