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Since joining Manchester City in 2010

Since joining Manchester City in 2010, Silva has played more than 300 times Doug Baldwin Jersey, has been the team's midfielder, is the two Premier League champion "brain". 7 years, the Spaniard has always been excellent and stable, assists the ability of the league are none other than right, regardless of the coach is Mancini, Pellegrini or Guardiola, regarded him as the most reliable key player The More importantly K.J. Wright Jersey, as Kong Pani said: "David did one thing is to change the way Manchester City fans watch football." This is the Manchester City captain himself, and Aguero and Toure failed to do C.J. Prosise Jersey, So by the Blue Moon fans love and respected.Today's victory, temporarily alleviating the enormous pressure on the shoulders, as the BBC said: "In this absolutely can not lose the game, Chelsea succeeded in laughing the last, although the team's team is not good Victory, but at least 3 points to ease the pressure on the team Russell Wilson Jersey, gave the opportunity to breathe, or not only the media will continue to doubt him, Chelsea may also occur within the 'mutiny'.After winning this victory, Chelsea's next two races are also relatively easy - next week the Blues will be at home with Everton's Carling Cup match, next weekend they will challenge the current ranking of the league's penultimate Bournemouth. After playing these two games, Chelsea will continue to encounter Rome and Manchester United, then Conti and disciples will once again usher in a difficult test.
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